Project at RWTH Aachen: multi touch device

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Prototype 2, touch detection

Touching knobs causes sounds of drum. Unfortunately there is no sound in video.



The next question would be: Can we build drum box to fit real the form and physical abilities of the hand (fingers), with knobs as in hang instrument?


First prototype photos

As you can see, we have made precise cutting for camera ( I/O, led, screw holes) and batteries holders.
One of the main ideas in our prototype : “Keep design simple and durable”. DIA cycle.

Improve the prototype and add new features in each design step.

  1. Box, that is easy to build and to use, blended touch surface, camera holder
  2. Precise surface blending with form press, minimizing light noise problems
  3. Improving touch surface, more deep knobs and slider.
  4. Inclined touch surface

Touch detection of the first prototype

Video of touch detection.

Limitations of the first prototype:

  1. Vertical Surface, difficult to use.  Solution: inclined surface.
  2. Tape, that connects LEDs to acrylic and acrylic to box, covers rather big part of the touch surface. Solution: bigger surface, another connection
  3. LEDs and the tape above the surface make to much noise.

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